Lock and Key

It is Possession Day for one of our clients, and we couldn't be more excited! However, when we gave her the key, we ran into one small problem!

Rubber Ducky, You're the One

It's possession day for Chad & Cara, and Chad only has *one thing* on his mind. Find out what he plans to do to Cara as soon as he gets the keys!


Laura Dunnigan

Leisa Fuller is second to none and is worth every cent.

Every step of the way she was professional, polished and attentive. She was always accessible, made sure all of our questions were answered, provided clear and fair advice, appropriately set our expectation and negotiated hard on our behalf to obtain an excellent result. Her experience provides customers with a wealth of knowledge about all topics I either had questions about, or should have had questions about but simply would not have even known to ask. Overall she is one of the hardest working people I have ever met.

As long as Leisa is accepting clients she will be my Realtor and I highly recommend her to everyone.

via RealSatisfied.ca

Jesse Willis

Leisa and the team are the best! We recommend Leisa to everyone, and several of our friends and family have also used her and had a great experience. We have bought / sold 4 properties with her and would not use anyone else. She is knowledgeable, listens to our needs, brings us great properties to choose from and sold our house in a very difficult market in only one week. My wife and I can't recommend Leisa and the team at FRESH Real Estate enough!

via RealSatisfied.ca, 2019

Kristie St-Pierre

Leisa made the whole selling process flow so smoothly, she was truly amazing! She is so great at what she does. She really listens and provides her expert opinions and her resources whenever needed, which made our home sale so much easier. She comes highly recommended!

via RealSatisfied.ca, 2018

Kim Winiski

Leisa made home shopping fun. Seriously, we were almost sad to find the right house because it meant we didn't get to spend time with her anymore.

In all seriousness, though. Leisa was our advocate, our search dog, our friend. She helped us see the potential in properties we may not have seen, and steered us away from those that, while great on the surface, had issues that we hadn't even considered. For example, we found a home we really liked in terms of floor plan, potential and location. Leisa highlighted the proximity to a major intersection, and did the grunt work to find the potential of an overpass being built in our front yard - which made a house once near-perfect seem much less so. Leisa listened to what we wanted in a home and really helped us find it.

We ended up in a home we love, that met all our criteria, and was in our price range. We've recommended Leisa to several friends since.

Jason Krell

I've recommended Leisa to several clients, including a boutique home builder in Calgary. They have all raved about her exceptional service and consistent results. I will continue to recommend Leisa to all of my colleagues, friends and family (and certainly use her myself next time I need to list/buy).

Dave Schmidt

My Realtor, Leisa Fuller, has been absolutely amazing! My wife and I live in Edmonton and she's been working hard trying to sell our townhouse in Calgary without us having to make any trips down.

It's one thing to take pictures and stage a house, but Leisa has gone way beyond what I expected any Realtor to do. She set us up with a contractor to do renovations over the phone and e-mail, she called our property management company and obtained documents that they refused to give me - she even lent our cleaner supplies to clean with!

Over and over Leisa has gone above the call of duty - and left us wowed with her professionalism and expertise. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her.

Ellen Alves Kerscher

My fiancée and I think Leisa Fuller should definitely be recognized for her work. She made it possible for us to buy our first house together. And trust me, us buying a house together is a pretty big deal, considering I'm from Brazil, my fiancée is Canadian and this is the house where we want to finally grow a family, after 9 years of relationship. And she sold my fiancée's previous property and helped us buy our current house in a way we could have never done by ourselves.

We could list many examples of her amazing work, but here is a good one. She was standing on a street in White Fish, Montana in the snow, trying to help us selling the house that we had just put for sale on the market. That's how committed Leisa is with her clients: she was on vacations and she was standing outside during winter, at night, because where she was didn't have enough signal anywhere else, in order to help us immediately. She more than deserves to be recognized by her competence, talent and tireless effort for letting people realize their dreams. She definitely cares about her clients and respect them deeply. We'll be forever grateful for her amazing work, attention and support.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Leisa.

Whitney Deane

I came to Leisa with a difficult task. Find me a townhouse in my price range in 3 days with a quick move-in date and during the craziness of the Spring 2014 market in Calgary when things were HOT!! I had a 6 month old at home and was pregnant with my second and needed something to fit the family fast.

Leisa put her life on hold and spent every moment making sure that not a moment was wasted on looking at incompatible properties and managed to find me something on a whirlwind real estate tour of Calgary. At one point she was trying to put her kids to bed while still planning more showings for me to head to. How awesome and what a multi-tasker. She told the truth about the market and what to expect but also worked hard to make sure I got the best that was possible for me.

As a first time home buyer when the crunch time came to close I got a bit nervous about price and some fix-ups that would be required when moving in. Leisa didn't make me feel badly about it at all and went back and re-negotiated the price even lower to make me feel comfortable.

I put Leisa through the wringer but she never acted like it and made the process a heck of a lot of fun. The hours driving through Calgary were filled with a lot of laughs instead of nervous nail biting.

Thanks to Leisa I am comfortably in my home, in a safe neighbourhood, would recommend her to anyone, would use her again and always have a big smile on my face when I see a for sale sign with her name on it.

Grady Hamilton

Leisa is driven. Driven to provide the best service, driven to operate with the highest integrity, and simply put, driven to make her clients happy.

Real Estate is clearly her passion. She is responsive, highly engaged and its obvious that she genuinely cares about her client's wellbeing. If all businesses offered the kind of service that Leisa offers, the world would be a better place (seriously). Finding a good realtor is a challenge these days, but Leisa will retore your faith in the industry. 

Anyone can help you find a house and many can help you make a quick sale when the market is hot, but to help so many people every day regardless of the market and do it with such veracity and respect for all the people and systems involved requires a truly special person. She has this amazing balance of integrity in the process and a cutthroat drive to get her client the best possible price.

I highly recommend her to anyone on the hunt for a realtor. She is good people.

Jared Zeller

I recently bought and sold a home in Calgary with Leisa and the FRESH real estate team. I spent close to a year looking at condos before actually purchasing one. The team was very patient with me, and always willing to help me make this big decision.

I was referred to Leisa through a friend that had worked with her in the past and they had nothing but good things to say about her. Working with Leisa took a lot of the stress out of a stressful relocation.

After meeting with Leisa, viewing some properties, and having some discussions about what I was looking for, she was able to really focus in on areas and properties that I was interested in. Although my schedule was difficult to accommodate (I worked out of town each week from Monday - Thursday), she always found time to make it work. Leisa was always accessible and even while on vacation, her team was up to speed and there to support me.

For both buying and selling my home, Leisa was there every step of the way, whether it was pushing things along, or simply to assist with the little things to make the transition easier. I had some unfortunate luck during the process, but they were always available to provide expert advice and help me in any way possible. In one case, Leisa even covered costs for my home inspection and condo document review. This was going way over and above to help me out and really showed me how much Leisa cares about her clients.

Leisa was great to work with. She was extremely knowledgeable of the industry as well as the communities, and provided me a lot of information about both.

Jonah Simpson

I would work with Leisa and her team at FRESH again in a heartbeat! They are the rare kind of professionals that absolutely excel at their job while also having a great time doing it. Not only are they experts on Calgary 's real estate market, they were also extremely patient and accommodating while dealing with me, an indecisive, first-time buyer.

Being a hands-on kind of guy, I was more interested in getting out there and looking at homes than talking about what I needed or wanted. Leisa took this in stride and with her guidance I was able to find the perfect home.

When there was some problems with my mortgage broker, she was 100% behind me and even provided me with an alternative broker that ended up being infinitely better than my first broker. In addition to working with Leisa, I also had the great fortune to work with her support team, who proved to be just as professional and charming. I have no hesitation recommending this team to anyone I know that's looking to either buy or sell their home. I would even say that I can't wait to work with them again, but I love my new home too much to consider buying anything else at the moment.

I wish you nothing but success in the future.
Thanks again!

Allison Clark

I have known Leisa both professionally and personally for over 5yrs now. I have worked with her in real estate development and used her as my agent ever since.

Being that I am the business of real estate I employ and work with many real estate agents, and can say without a doubt that Leisa is the best.

She is very professional, detailed, educated, easy to work with and efficient. Her marketing program is leading edge and she put 100% effort into every listing, which always pays off.

When recommending a realtor, I never hesitate. Leisa is always at the top of my list. I think Leisa is the best of the best, the cream of the crop and one who always goes beyond what is expected to deliver first class service to every client with dazzling results.

Lori King

I have referred Leisa to several of my friends and family members and each and every time there was a great outcome! Homes were bought and sold at great prices; but more important, her service, expertise, and kindness went a long way in making them feel comfortable with their buying/selling decisions.

Leisa is such a lovely person - she is passionate about her family, friends and work and still manages to find time to commit to various community causes. She really goes above and beyond!

Lindsay Kennedy

Selling our home using Leisa as our Realtor was an absolutely wonderful experience from beginning to end. She is extremely knowledgeable and was an excellent advocate for us. In addition to her industry knowledge, she was also able to be a genuine person who quickly gained our trust. Leisa went above-and-beyond our experiences with other Realtors by coordinating a professional photographer for our property, keeping us up-to-date with information throughout the process, and by coordinating a cleaning service once our place was sold. She also offered to care for our pets during showings when we were at work. And when we were concerned about the quick possession date, she even offered to help us move! After our wonderful experience with Leisa, we recommended her to family members who had an equally great experience. Before working with Leisa, I had lost faith in the expertise that Realtors have to offer. Leisa was able to restore my faith in Realtors.

Jeff Lawrence

Recently I sold my home in Bankview using the real estate services of Leisa Fuller and was more than pleased from start to finish.

My work takes me away from the city for days at a time leaving me with little opportunity to aide in the sale of my home. Nonetheless, the team took full charge hiring both a cleaning service and professional staging company to ensure that my home was in superb showing condition.

Everything from the presentation and virtual tours to the marketing of my home was unique and first class. From start to finish, Leisa and her team provided unbeatable service. They were a pleasure to work with, alleviating all the unnecessary stress and working hard on my behalf to sell my home quickly and for the price I was looking for. I would highly recommend FRESH to anyone looking to buy or sell their home…I have already referred numerous friends and colleagues and heard amazing feedback.

Gabriel Stetkiewwicz

The Fresh Real Estate team is fan-fricken-tastic!

I was new to Calgary, and a first time buyer who started with a crazy wish list and a lot of expectations. Mix in me being particular and meticulous, and your crew had their work cut out for them. Good news for me; Leisa was a talented expert in her field. My property search dramatically evolved, but she was patient, professional, insightful and resourceful to guide me through.

In the end, I purchased exactly the property I was looking for. I learned a lot through this process, and was very impressed with, and thankful for their patience and professionalism. I would recommend this talented group any and every time.

Patrick Wong

It was a pleasure working with Leisa and the FRESH Real Estate Team for both the sale and purchase of my properties.

The entire process was straightforward and free from any problems, from the first meeting to staging the house for showings to signing the final documentation. The information and resources they provided were useful tools in determining the listing price and strategies to sell my former property, which enabled a sale in less than 48 hours at a price above market average in my area, in a slow real estate market. All of my needs and concerns were always addressed quickly and effectively. I would not hesitate to utilize their services again.

Also they make you feel special when they call you 'pumpkin' ;)

Diane Townend Gardiner

The consummate professional; Leisa's skill was evident during every step of our transaction. The entire process was very professional, and totally personalized. Historically, I've worked with other agents who I felt were half-assing the job: not making a concerted effort to sell my property, not easy to get in touch with, and not treating me like I was a person with valid questions and concerns. Instead, I felt that I just represented dollar signs to them.

My experience with Leisa was a complete 180. I felt totally informed throughout, she was readily available (even while on holidays!), and I can say with complete confidence that she went over and above in her efforts to get my property sold.

I would absolutely recommend FRESH and want to thank everyone for a job fabulously well done.

Ryan Heath

(excerpt from a mass email from our client to his friends and family)

I hope the new year finds you well!

Sorry for the mass email, but I recently listed my condo with FRESH Real Estate and sold it in a weak market, at a price that was above my expectations; hence I'm sending this email as a "Happy Fresh Client". So, if you are looking to sell your current home, purchase a new one, or just enhance your current abode, I would encourage you to call them!

Melissa Gavin

As a first time home buyer, I was nervous, excited and inexperienced! Starting with step by step instructions of the buying process and providing all information and resources I needed to purchase my first condo took so much off the pressure off. Your guidance and knowledge not only made me comfortable but alleviated much of my stress and gave me confidence in the decisions I was making.

The FRESH team was extremely flexible and patient in touring numerous condos throughout Calgary . My associate actively listened to what I was looking for, paid attention to detail and continually provided me with options and places she thought I would like. Their friendly service and commitment to me as a client was outstanding and they certainly went above and beyond as my real estate agent. It all resulted in finding a condo I absolutely adore!

It is with pleasure that I recommend FRESH Real Estate to anyone considering buying or selling. They will surely make the experience enjoyable!

Katherine Rondeau

Leisa Fuller helped us sell our condo and found us our dream home 6 years ago. Whether it was showings or open houses, she made it all so easy and convenient for us. It took us over a year of searching to find it and she was always available and so patient with us. And it didn't end there! We still get cards from her on our anniversary of taking possession, Christmas, birthdays ect. She really cares about her clients and it shows! I have and will continue to refer to everyone I know.

Lisa Mundell

This past week I was asked by a relative to help them make an impromptu purchase of a new home. Normally stress levels would have been high and tensions running mad, however your team worked patiently with me for hours a day, and days in a row, until we had found the right home, in the right neighborhood, at the right price. I can't thank you enough.

You all made this purchase simple, straightforward, and virtually stress-free by taking care of all the little details. I would recommend you to anyone looking for that extra little bit of care with a purchase. You are thorough, honest, and extraordinarily hard working. Thank you!

(Testimonial from 2006) 

We have bought and sold over 9 homes with Leisa. She is always accommodating to showing times as we have 6 kids. If there is ever any work to be done " painting " or other Leisa always finds us just the right person and at the best pricing. Leisa even makes sure that on move out day we have coffee and after the move is done Leisa hires and ensure the house is clean for the new owners....

Leisa has the patience of a saint as not all clients are easy even when we're going back and forth on an offer at 1 am.

Her attention to detail makes the purchases easy and efficient. She always available and even on the off chance she can't be someone on her team is happy to give a helping hand. We have used Leisa services now for 9 years and can't ever imagine using anyone else.

She's simply the best.

(Testimonial from 2015) 

Micah and Rachel Andrew

Our experience selling our home with Leisa Fuller and the team at FRESH was stress free and positive. They were attentive and sensitive to both our needs and concerns. We will recommend them to others and definitely call upon them again in the future.

Jesse Willis

We worked with Leisa and the team at FRESH Real Estate to purchase our first home in December 2014. Leisa found us the perfect house, and worked hard to make sure we got the best deal possible. I would use Leisa again in a heart beat and recommend her to all of my friends!

Kathryn Scheske

My boyfriend and I were really nervous about buying a new home but Leisa went above and beyond to makeeverything so easy for us.

Leisa has extensive knowledge aboutCalgary real estate and I learned so much from her during the purchase process. She was always available to answer our questions and was very professional.

A friend referred Leisa to us. I’m so glad she did, and I totally understand why! Leisa is fabulous. I recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Virginia Andrade

Leisa was great! I really appreciated her being so knowledgeable about the market. Her advice was great for me as first time home buyer. I felt that I could trust her and she was always mentioning really helpful tips that made the experience much more approachable.

In the end, it makes a difference to know you can trust your real estate agent in order to inform you into the best decision-making and Leisa earned that trust along the way, by being honest, straight-forward and always helping me to feel comfortable throughout the process.

Jane and Russ Meyer

Leisa was fabulous throughout the entire process. Everything was just so easy. From the alerts whenever a new property that met our requirements, to the assistance when we made the offer, to the follow-up emails after we closed, it was a smooth and simple process.

We needed to have some work done in the house and Leisa was great with recommending people who could do the work for us. All in all, I can't imagine a more stress-free or easy process when purchasing a home.