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Staging for Selling your Home

Blog by FRESH Real Estate Team | July 11th, 2012

Re-FRESH Your Property - What is On the Inside Counts

Whether you are selling a penthouse, condo, townhouse or house; the moment a buyer steps out of their car and onto your property, they are yours to woo. Although curb appeal is huge (as discussed previously), having your home "turn key ready," is vital in the sale of your home.

What is the first thing you do when you walk in the front door? Most people drop their keys and hang up their coat. Whether you actually do this or not isn't the point; the main objective is that you create this. You need to create that feeling that people look for when buying a home; the entire way through. Doing something as simple as putting a decorative bowl for keys on the front entry table or placing a coat rack in the foyer are great, and easy solutions! Creating comfortable and inviting living spaces throughout every room of your home (while working with what you already own) is what staging is all about!

Since you have decided to sell, there are few major things you need to get done; de personalize, de clutter and space plan. When it comes time to de personalize your home, many sellers ask, "why is this so important?" While buyers are walking through your home and seeing pictures of your family it creates a barrier for them; making it harder for them to visualize their family in that space. Also, your home is going to be viewed by a lot of people, do you really want or need a bunch of strangers looking at pictures of your precious family and special moments? It just isn’t necessary.

While de personalizing is very important, removing clutter throughout every area in your home is huge! I know this may sound crazy, and it is just a thought, but why not start packing? You started on this journey fully intending and understanding that sooner or later you would be moving. Plain and simple. There is no time like the present to start fresh.  Excess books, mail, toys, magnets, DVD's, and other trinkets that you think your family could do without should be thrown (or placed gently) in bins or boxes and stored in appropriate storage areas; under the stairs or in the garage perhaps? I know this sounds like a tedious task, but in all reality it's now or later. Getting clutter out of the way and allowing your home to expose its full potential is very important in the sale of your home. Another important thought is removing items or collections in your home that some buyers may find offensive. This is a brilliant time to put away your gun, knife or taxidermy collection. Just saying.

When it comes to space planning it is all about creating a consistent and natural flow throughout. Your buyers should be able to walk from room to room, freely; not feeling like they have to walk around the furniture. In your living room and kitchen areas people are going to sit down and envision themselves entertaining; is the conversation easy, or do they find themselves having to talk louder in order to hear one another? Your buyers will think these things as well as put themselves in these situations. Sometimes removing a few pieces of furniture is a good place to start!

Until now, those beautiful art pieces you chose and the paint on your walls has emotionally connected you to your home. It is time to disconnect yourself and look at it more as a marketing tool. You bought this house for a reason, because you fell in love, and now it's time to show potential buyers why they should do the same!


Jessica Christian is both a Licensed Real Estate Associate and the FRESH Real Estate Staging Specialist. 

Before obtaining her License to trade in Real Estate, Jessica received her diploma in Interior Decorating. Her love of design combined with her tireless work ethic and her dedication to providing her clients with an incredible service experience makes Jessica a triple threat when it comes to preparing our client's homes for the sales process.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with Jessica to discuss the listing process and how we can help you prepare for it click here.