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Deck the Halls

Blog by FRESH Real Estate Team | December 7th, 2017


Christmas decorating has moved beyond house lights, a simple tree and stockings. Dressing up your house for the holiday is now a form of self-expression. Christmas decor doesn’t have to be restricted to Santa figurines and snowmen — so get inspired and showcase your Christmas spirit your own way!

Indoor Decorating:

When looking for new Christmas decor ideas this year, you really need look no farther than the great outdoors. From table settings to trees, natural, organic decor is a great way of making your home into a fragrant and festive wonderland. Evergreen clippings and pinecones are timeless choices, highlighting the winter season’s beauty. Spices, such as cinnamon or whole cloves, give off a pleasant smell and can be used ornamentally around the house. It doesn't have to be fancy to be festive.

Another unique way to bring holiday cheer to your home is by using the stairs. Tea lights in Mason jars up a flight of stairs lends a warm glow to the house. Wrapping a garland and lights around the banister can carry the theme of your tree beyond, and even using presents as decorations can add to the festivity of your home.

Outdoor Decorating:

Decorating the outside of your home usually means balancing precariously on a ladder to string lights. If you are looking for some new outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, consider decorating your doorway instead. Wreathes are a wonderful way of adding a festive touch to your home with very little effort. Not all wreathes need to be prickly and pine cone filled and there are lots of unique alternatives. No ladders needed.

As with your indoor decorations, make use of your outdoor stairs if you have them. Use them as a display for smaller potted evergreens, oversized ornaments or lights. If you have a porch, it’s a great opportunity to let the indoor merriment spill out with garlands, festive signs or even a vintage sled.

Christmas Tree Decorating: 

A shift is being made from trees, whether real or fake, to two dimensional representations of the holiday classic. If a tree will fill a room reducing its functionality, consider building one out of books, lights or string on the wall, or ornaments on a cork board. Gifts can still be laid out beneath to complete the look.

If a tree is a non-negotiable for your Christmas, this year’s most popular decor styles favour neutral, rustic, and natural themes. Try using cinnamon sticks, dried fruit or other organics which will give the rooms some scent. Using Canvas, linen, or quilt as a tree skirt can also give your tree a unique look. If you’re partial to ornaments, try neutral or handmade decorations with a colour accent to keep your tree looking cohesive.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from red and green, have fun with the colours that you deem festive. And remember, whether you decide to go modern, natural, rustic or traditional, try to keep a cohesive theme throughout the decorations. 

For more information about the many ways to ensure your home is the perfect fit for your life, feel free to browse our growing list of articles, or contact us directly to speak to a specialist. 

In the meantime, Merry Christmas, and happy decorating! 

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